Heating Repairs And Maintenance That Should Be Done Before The Next Blast Of Cold Air

When the weather gets cool outside, you begin using your heating, but it is only working half as much as it will be when the weather gets really cold. Therefore, you want to be sure your heating is ready for cold winter weather. Some of the maintenance that should be done includes changing the filters and cleaning the furnace. Here are some of the maintenance and repairs that you want to do to your heating before the next blast of cold air:

1. Cleaning Your Furnace and Ducts for Better Efficiency in Cold Weather

The first maintenance that needs to be done before cold weather is cleaning your furnace and the ducts. Make sure that the pilot light and elements are clean to ensure the furnace works when you need it. In addition, you will want to clean the blower and ducts if they are full of dust, which causes the burnt smell when you turn the system on and reduces the efficiency of your heating.

2. Inspecting Your Furnace for Problems Like Damaged Wiring and Worn Parts

Before the winter weather starts, inspect your furnace for problems and minor repair needs. Check all the wiring and look for damaged insulation and bad connections. In addition, inspect the furnace for worn parts that may need to be replaced to ensure your heating is working when you need it most during a cold front.

3. Changing Your Filters and Making Sure Vents and The Furnace Are Free of Clutter

The filters of your HVAC protect the air conditioner and furnace from wear and damage caused by dust and improve air quality in your home. During cold weather, your furnace is working harder to heat your home, and more particles pass through the air filter. This means that you will want to change the filters more often to reduce wear and ensure you do not have problems. In addition, you will want to check vents and clean them to reduce dust particles in your home and improve the efficiency of your HVAC.

4. Checking Your Thermostat Settings and Changing the Batteries to Get Ready For The Cold

The last step in preparing your heating for the next cold front is making sure the thermostat is ready. You will want to check and replace the batteries in the thermostat and inspect wiring to make sure it is connected. In addition, program your thermostat for ideal operation during cold winter weather to improve efficiency and reduce wear.

These are some heating repairs and maintenance that you will want to have done before the next blast of cold air. If you want to be ready for the next winter storm, visit a site like http://www.coeheatcool.com or contact a heating repair service  for help with maintenance before the change in weather.