3 Severe Issues Furnace Repair Contractors Can Address For Homeowners

Furnaces are so important to keep working great, especially during the winter months. If you ever run into an issue that you can't solve, don't hesitate getting help from a furnace repair contractor. They can address the following issues before they leave you with cold temperatures. 

Dirty Air Ducts

The air ducts are what warm air travels through that's made by the furnace. Over time, they will collect dirt and debris. This is particularly true if you don't change your furnace's air filter on a consistent basis. This is not ideal because it can make your furnace work inefficiently. 

To address this issue, you'll need help from a furnace repair contractor. They have special vacuums that can reach all the way up in your ducts. They'll clean all surfaces until your ducts are completely spotless. Then, your furnace can work optimally again.

Pilot Light Not Working 

One of the most important components of the furnace is the pilot light. It's responsible for lighting the flame that keeps your furnace running. Any time you run into an issue with this component, hire a furnace repair contractor immediately. 

The repair contractor will assess the pilot light, seeing what's causing it to malfunction. Generally, this has to do with the thermocouple. The contractor will analyze this component from top to bottom, seeing if it can be salvaged. If it can't, they'll replace the component and see if that gets the pilot light working. The repair contractor won't stop until the pilot light visibly works again.

Faulty Thermostat

If you've just purchased a new furnace and it's not working optimally, the problem is probably with the thermostat controlling the unit. It may be faulty and causing your furnace to cycle frequently. In this case, you'll need help from a furnace repair contractor. 

They have specialty equipment that helps them identify electrical issues with the thermostat. It could be damaged wires, a burned out fuse, or the wires may not have been set up correctly. Once the repair contractor identifies the culprit causing the thermostat to malfunction, they'll make the necessary repairs and test your system. It's so important to let a trained professional handle thermostat issues because of the electricity involved. 

Furnaces are so important to have working great during the colder months. Any time yours malfunctions, a furnace repair contractor can deal with the issue before the interior temperatures inside your home dip and cause discomfort.