How To Handle Common Air Conditioning Problems

If your AC has been giving you problems lately, then your first instinct might be to call a professional. However, many problems can actually be handled on your own, as long as you have the necessary knowledge. To help you troubleshoot and hopefully fix your issue, here are some of the most common air conditioning problems and their likely causes:

Air Conditioner Is Not Turning On

If you are dealing with a situation where your AC is not turning on at all, then there is a good chance that you have a power problem. More specifically, you want to check to see if your AC is even getting any power in the first place.

The circuit breaker should be your first target, since that is the easiest to check and fix. If there is a switch that was unexpectedly flipped, then that could be preventing power from getting to the air conditioner. To prevent such a problem in the future, make sure that you are not overdrawing power from that area of your home.

You also want to look at the power line to see if it's frayed or damaged in any visible way. If you can see some damage, then you should consult a professional unless you are experienced in handling large amounts of electricity. Power lines can be particularly dangerous when damaged, so you don't want to do anything rash without taking the proper precautions.

Air Conditioner Turns On, Does Not Generate Cold Air

If your AC is turning on, but isn't generating any cold air at all, then the output of your AC might be blocked at some point. Excessive dust and debris in the air conditioner can allow heat to build up, which will effectively cancel out the cold air that is being created. This will lead to a situation where your AC is running, but isn't actually cooling down your home. Not only will this lead to a house that is not getting colder, but it can also lead to a lot of lost money. Your AC will continue to try to cool your home until it reaches a specific temperature, and if that temperature is not reached due to a dirty AC, then it might run nonstop for days on end.

To rectify this, you just want to clean out your AC. A vacuum with a hose is often sufficient for this, but if you find that your AC is still giving you problems after you cleaned out everything, then a professional might be necessary.

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