2 Simple Furnace Improvements

Most furnace repair should be handled by furnace repair professionals. If there is an internal problem with your furnace, you should probably leave it to the pros. However, there are many common issues that can be repaired without even opening the furnace cabinet or accessing the motor. This article will explain a few common furnace problems that can be safely solved by the homeowner, without even opening the furnace or turning off the power.

Check the Filter

The furnace filter is in its own separate compartment that can be accessed from the outside. All you have to do is open the furnace filter door and pull the filter out. The filter is usually square or rectangle and flat, kind of like a large pizza box. The size will also depend on the size of your furnace. Once you have remove the filter, you can visually examine it to determine if it needs to be replaced. If there is any dust or dirt buildup, it is probably easier to just put in a new one. To make sure you get the exact replacement, take your old filter to a home improvement store and get the appropriate replacement. It is also worth checking and cleaning the filter compartment while the filter is removed. If the compartment seems to be dusty, you can vacuum it out.

Checking and Taping the Output Ducting

Another great thing to check is the output ducts from your furnace to the wall. The length of this section of ducting largely depends on the furnace's proximity to the wall. Nonetheless, it is bound to be made up of several separate pieces, including elbows. Each joint where the ducts are attached to each other is a potential leaking point. If air is escaping at this point, it is literally wasted. You furnace obviously won't be anywhere near maximum efficiency. So, checking them is always smart. Just turn on your heater and make sure your furnace is blowing air. Hold your hand near all of the joints and seams. If you do notice hot air leaking through them, you want to tape it up. However, don't (despite the name) use duct tape. Instead, use aluminum foil tape. This creates an airtight seal, and will work much better than normal duct tape.

These two simple repairs can be done in the matter of an hour or so. With a quick supply run to the home improvement store, you can pick up all of the necessary supplies.