Tips For Cleaning A Walk-In Freezer

If you have a walk-in freezer for your business, this can be a lifesaver when it comes to running a restaurant or catering events. One thing that you should always keep on top of is cleaning your walk-in freezer. This can extend the life of your freezer and will keep you in compliance with local laws when it comes to food storage. Here are four things to remember when it comes to successfully cleaning your walk-in freezer.

1. Clean up Spills Immediately

It is important to keep freezer space organized and as clean as possible on a day-to-day basis. If spills occur when you are putting things away in your walk-in freezer, be sure to stop what you are doing and clean this immediately. Spills that freeze to flooring, the door, or any shelving areas will be harder to clean later on as these freeze and harden to surfaces. These spills might also cause damage over time. If your freezer gets a lot of use, sweeping the floors every evening can help prevent sticky floors, mold, and damages.

2. Use the Basics When Cleaning

There are plenty of chemical cleaners on the market, but basic soap and water can work the best when it comes to cleaning and wiping down surfaces within your walk-in freezer. Harsh chemicals can actually damage metal surfaces and can be unsafe to bring into an environment used for food storage.

3. Keep Drain Lines Clear

Drain lines can become clogged intermittently, but a good way to avoid this is to have these serviced yearly by a company like D & R Service Inc so that build up doesn't have a chance to occur. Clogging and the buildup of debris can happen quickly, so be sure to pay attention to this maintenance and cleaning issue.

4. Don't Forget Door Gaskets

The sealing function of your walk-in freezer is key when it comes to keeping your freezer at the right temperature and maintaining proper use. Door gaskets should be wiped down regularly to help prevent mold or other buildup from decreasing your freezer's functionality. Eventually sealing gaskets might deteriorate and need to be replaced, but regular cleanings can go a long way to extend the life of your freezer door seal.

Walk-in freezers might seem like a piece of equipment that is self-maintaining for the most part, but you can extend the life of this through proper maintenance and cleaning. Simple cleaning methods that you can do on a daily basis or by sticking to a long term schedule will keep your walk-in freezer functioning better over time.