Home Heating Oil 101 | An Introduction For Unfamiliar Homeowners

You may have heard about it, but if you are like a lot of people, home heating oil will be assumed to be something that was used for heating a long time ago. However, the use of heating oil to power home heat systems is far from an outdated idea and is still actually used in many homes across the country as the primary fuel source for home heating. If you are moving to a home that relies on heating oil, you are bound to have some questions. Here are a few of the most prevailing queries unfamiliar customers tend to have about heating oil and the facts you will want to know.

So, what is heating oil exactly?

Heating oil, often abbreviated HHO, is a petroleum based product of low viscosity, which makes it easy to transport and contain in a storage tank. The oil is similar in composition to what you would buy to power a diesel engine, and the two can often be interchangeable.

Is it safe to store heating oil on your property?

Home heating oil is usually stored on the property, either above ground or below it, in a large tank that has small fuel lines feeding into the home's heating system. While storing heating oil on your property is no more hazardous than stowing away propane or kerosene, it does mean that you will have to ensure proper maintenance where the tank is concerned. The biggest threat from having heating oil on your property would be combustion due to a leak. So just make sure you have the tank inspected annually for damages.

How many people actually use heating oil as their primary home heating fuel?

Even though heating oil may not be as common as it once was, it is still in the ranks as one of the top fueling sources. Plus, it is still one of the primary home heating fuel sources in some parts of the country. According to the US Energy Information Administration, there are still about six million homes that rely on heating oil to power furnaces and home heating systems.

Even though the idea of using an unfamiliar heating source can be intimidating, learning that your new home relies on heating oil should be no cause for concern. If you would like to know more about home heating oil, contact a local distributor like Olympic Energy LLC to get your questions answered.