It’s Going To Be A Hot One: 4 Tips To Keep Your Air Conditioner Running This Summer

Now that winter is wrapping things up, it's time to start thinking about the summer months. Most importantly, you need to think about how you're going to keep cool once the warmer temperatures arrive. If you have a central air conditioning unit in your home, you want to make sure that it's ready for the added work. The last thing you want is to deal with a malfunction during the hottest part of the summer. Here are four steps you should follow to make sure your air conditioner doesn't fail you this summer.

Schedule a Service Appointment

Your air conditioner has been shut down all winter long. Even if you took special precautions to winterize your unit, it's still going to need some special attention before you start using it again. Before summer officially arrives, schedule a service appointment with your HVAC company. They'll be able to clean your air conditioner, check the coolant levels, and identify potential problems that should be addressed. While they're out getting your air conditioner ready for summer, it's a good idea to have them service your furnace so it's ready to be shut down properly.

Change Your Filter More Frequently

Under normal conditions, the filter on your air conditioner should be changed about once every three months. However, there are some circumstances where you should change your filter more often. If you have indoor pets, live in an area that experiences frequent summer wind storms, or someone in your home smokes, you should change the filter at least once a month. Certain substances, such as pet hair, can clog your filters, which will require your air conditioner to work harder in order to get air through to your home.

Improve Airflow

Your air conditioner relies on air flow to keep your home cool. If your air conditioning unit is blocked by weeds or other items, it's not going to work as efficiently as it should. To prevent airflow problems, you should clean the area around your air conditioner at least once a month during warm weather. It's also a good idea to rinse the coils and blades off whenever you notice dirt buildup.

Watch Your Vent Covers

You might not realize this, but your vent covers – and the area around them – will let you know when your ducts are dirty. If your ducts are dirty, your air conditioner won't work properly. Take a look at the vent covers, and if you see dirt building up on the covers, or the walls, you should have your ducts cleaned as soon as possible.

Temperatures are going to be on the rise soon. Use the tips provided here to make sure your air conditioner is ready. For more information, contact local professionals like No Nonsense Heating and Cooling.