Is A Storm Coming? Keep Your Home’s AC Safe

When a storm is coming through your town, the last thing you may be thinking about is if it will damage your air conditioner's condenser. However, there are a few things you could do to keep the unit safe from flooding and other damage.

Cover The Condenser

There is always a possibility that the air conditioner's condenser can become damaged due to heavy winds and hail. If you have time to prepare, you should cover the condenser using a cover. Just make sure not to use the air conditioner while the cover is on, and remember to remove the cover one the storm is over. There are also vent covers that can be installed on the exterior of the air conditioner's condenser to protect the fins from becoming bent. This type of cover can actually be left on the condenser when the unit is running.

Use A Sump Pump

Storms can cause water to get into your home's basement, which can cause damage to the components located in your basement utility room. It will help to have a sump pump installed to remove water that cause otherwise rise into your basement. It will help to get a sump pump with a battery backup, because if the power goes out during the storm the sump pump won't be able to remove water.

Clean Up Your Yard

One way that a condenser can be damaged is by not having proper ventilation. Unfortunately, storms can cause various debris to get pushed up against your condenser and cause those ventilation problems. You'll want to clean up your yard to get rid of any loose debris that could collect around the condenser. Leaves, tree branches, and even nearby items that can press up against the condenser and block the airflow going through the fins.

Raise The Air Conditioner

Flooding is always a possible hazard that can damage your air conditioner. If you frequently deal with outdoor or indoor flooding, considering raising the components of the air conditioner so that they are higher off the ground. Even raising these items half foot off the ground could be enough to give you peace of mind that this expensive household utility will not be damaged during a storm.

If your air conditioner did become damaged because you did not do the necessary prep work, you are not completely out of luck. A local HVAC technician can help perform the necessary repairs to get the AC running again.