3 Tips For Better Commercial AC Performance This Summer

An air conditioning system failure in your place of business during the summer months could be costly. Not only will you have to pay for the cost of replacement parts and labor, but you may find that you have to close down your business due to high indoor temperatures. Some product loss may even occur if the temperature inside your commercial space gets too hot without the services of your air conditioning system.

Use these three simple tips to ensure your commercial AC unit runs efficiently this summer.

1. Keep the outdoor condenser clear.

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when it comes to caring for your commercial AC system is failing to keep the outdoor condenser unit clear. The outdoor condenser is responsible for drawing in the air that will be cooled and circulated through your commercial space.

Placing shrubs, patio furnishings, or excess inventory near the condenser could limit its ability to access the air needed to keep your building cool. If your outdoor condenser has to work harder, your AC system is more susceptible to premature failure.

2. Check for refrigerant leaks.

A liquid refrigerant referred to as Freon is used to help your air conditioner cool down the air drawn into the system by the condenser to the desired temperature. If you notice that your AC doesn't seem to be blowing quite as cold as it used to, a refrigerant leak could be to blame.

Allowing refrigerant to leak inside your air conditioner can not only affect the performance of your AC system, the refrigerant could also seep into the surrounding environment and contaminate the soil.

Look for visible dripping near the base of your outdoor condenser. Remove the cover from the condenser and check for pooling refrigerant near the condenser coils. If you do spot a leak, don't touch the refrigerant because it can be toxic. Call an HVAC professional for immediate repairs.

3. Maintain a constant temperature.

Before the heat of summer sets in, you should decide on a comfortable temperature for your commercial space. Keeping the thermostat set to this temperature on a consistent basis will prevent your AC system from becoming overloaded.

Changing the temperature setting to help cool your commercial space in a short period of time could cause the AC system to malfunction, leading to a costly and inconvenient system failure. It's best to keep the space cool all the time to avoid any potential performance problems. If you are having problems with your air conditioner, talk with an commercial air conditioning services company.