Winter Care For Your HVAC System To Keep Problems Away

There are so many home preparations to take care of when that winter weather approaches. You can find yourself trying to beat the clock as winter storms get closer and closer. While you are tending to things like weather stripping and windows, you don't want to forget about tending to your HVAC system to make sure it fairs well during those storms. Here are tips for protecting your system.

Protect all pipes

You are going to want to make sure your pipes are all protected from both the extreme colds and from snow and ice. To offer the pipes this protection, you can use insulation sleeves over exposed pipes to prevent them from freezing and make sure that your exhaust pipes are kept free of snow and ice.

Check your tank if you use oil to heat

You don't want to find your family freezing when you need the heat the most simply because you forgot to make sure you were going to have enough oil to last the season. You also don't want to put off ordering oil until the last minute. If you put off your order until right before you need the heater, then the company may already have a lot of orders ahead of you, so they won't be able to get out to you right away, leaving you very cold in the meantime. Also, the delivery may be delayed due to weather conditions if you wait too long.

Check your generator

If you have a generator in case your power goes out in a storm, then make sure there is enough fuel in the generator to keep it running for a few days, so you can have your HVAC system going to help keep you warm.

 Check your outside compressor

Go outside if it has been snowing and wipe the snow off the compressor that may have accumulated on top of it. Also, clear the snow away from the sides of the compressor. Your compressor is going to need to be able to continue to have access to air in order for it to run properly. By allowing it to be smothered by having the vents all covered in snow, the unit can fail. The snow and ice can also cause the unit to not defrost the way it is supposed to.

Know when to call an emergency plumber

If you have any leaks coming from your unit, or anywhere else, then you need to get an emergency plumber out right away. Leaks can cause extensive damage to the unit and they can also lead to water damage to the home around the unit.