Air Conditioner Frozen? Repair and Prevention Tips

A frozen air conditioner may sound good, but it isn't. You may want to feel freezing cold on those hot summer days but if your air conditioner is freezing, it means that it isn't running properly and could possibly be shutting down altogether. A frozen air conditioner can occur if you have a clogged air filter or from improper air flow to the condensing unit, as well as other issues. Read on for repair and prevention tips for your air conditioning unit.

Clogged Air Filter

If your air filter is clogged, it can cause a problem with air flow to the unit. If this happens, it can cause your unit to seize up. You need to change this filter every other month, but some may need to change it every month, especially if you have pets or a lot of dander in your home. It should also be changed more often if you have anyone in your home that has breathing problems. Simply pull out the old filter and replace it with the new one. You'll need to replace it with one that is the exact same size. Spend a little more on your air filter and invest in one that traps more allergens.

Dirty Condensing Unit

If your exterior condensing unit is clogged with dirt and debris, it can also cause improper air flow to the unit. Spray down your unit with the garden hose throughout the season to keep it clean. The exterior unit pulls in air, which is then cooled and sent through your HVAC system and throughout your home. If this unit is clogged with debris, it cannot get in enough air and will eventually freeze up or seize up altogether. Clean this unit, pulling off the exterior cover and cleaning the fins thoroughly, as well as cleaning the inside of the unit by opening up the lid to clean it out.

Low Refrigerant

If your system is out of refrigerant, it can cause a problem for your A/C unit. If you aren't a professional HVAC technician yourself, you may not know how to test your refrigerant levels. This is where a professional should be used to test your system and to help maintain it for you. Having your system maintained and prepped for the season can prevent this refrigerant loss and keep your unit running throughout the entire season and beyond without as many breakdowns.

If you have a central air conditioning unit in your home, it should be cleaned and maintained in order to keep it running properly. If your system is freezing up, it is a problem that needs to be repaired. Call a professional HVAC technician for help with your air conditioning repair.