The Significance Of Air Conditioner Checkup

Routine air conditioner (AC) maintenance is necessary for the efficient and durable operation of the system. The technician will inspect your AC for problems during routine maintenance. However, regular AC checkup is not just about looking for problems. Below are other services the technician will perform during the checkup.

Check the Refrigerant Levels

An adequate refrigerant level is necessary to facilitate cooling with minimal energy consumption. Low refrigerant levels trigger problems such as:

  • Impaired and uneven cooling
  • AC overheating
  • Energy inefficiency
  • Increased risk of AC breakdown

Thus, the technician will check the refrigerant level during the checkup. Note that it is not enough to recharge the AC if the refrigerant pressure is low. You also need to diagnose the cause of the leak and plug it. Otherwise, the recharged refrigerant will just leak again and cause similar problems.

Check and Calibrate the Thermostat

The thermostat controls your AC's cooling functions by reading the room temperature and sending the signals to the mainboard. The thermostat is only as effective as it is accurate. For example, an inaccurate thermostat can sense an erroneously high temperature. Such an error can lead to long cooling cycles and make your home cold.

Wear and tear, accidental knocks, corrosion, and dust can all throw off your thermostat's accuracy. Thus, the technician will check the accuracy of the thermostat during the checkup. They will then calibrate the thermostat so that it reads the correct temperature.

Lubricate Relevant Parts

If your AC is relatively old, then it probably has motors that need lubrication. Newer models may not require lubrication. The lubrication reduces friction, which would otherwise:

  • Trigger accelerated wear and tear
  • Cause the AC to overheat
  • Lower cooling efficiency

The AC technician will inspect your system and oil it if necessary.

Clean the AC

Lastly, the technician will also clean the relevant parts of the AC, such as the condenser and evaporator coils. Debris accumulation over coils insulates them from the air and reduces heat exchange. Impaired heat exchange can lead to further problems, such as coil freezing and inefficient cooling. Note that the coils are also delicate and require gentle cleaning to prevent damage.

As you can see, you stand to lose a lot if you don't maintain your AC. If you haven't serviced your AC in a long time, consult a technician to help you out before the AC starts to fall apart. Hopefully, the technician won't find anything that requires costly repair.

For more information, contact an air conditioning service.