Services To Maintain Your AC And Get Ready For Upgrades For Next Summer

Autumn is a time of the year when there is maintenance around your home that you need to prepare for winter. Some of the maintenance includes maintaining your AC. Maintaining your AC now will ensure you have fewer problems when you turn it on next summer. Now, it is also a good time to start thinking about improvements. The following air conditioning services will help you maintain your AC and prepare for upgrades:

Autumn AC maintenance to prepare for winter—Now, it is time to begin the AC projects with thorough maintenance before you turn the system off. The air conditioning maintenance that you need to have done now includes:

  • Changing filters and cleaning vents
  • Cleaning condensing unit and coils
  • Inspecting the AC for damage
  • Weatherizing the system to protect it

This is the air conditioner maintenance that you need to have done now before you turn your system off for the winter months. Make sure to get a head start on maintenance this fall to avoid problems and costly AC repairs next spring. 

Planning thermostat and HVAC automation upgrades—The thermostat is one of the areas where you may want to have upgrades done. These upgrades can be something as simple as installing a programmable or smart thermostat to improve HVAC efficiency. They can also be more thorough improvements with multiple controls and a main thermostat control panel for zoned HVAC systems.

Replacing the AC unit with a modern heat pump—The AC unit you have installed for your air conditioner may be an older condensing system. These systems can be inefficient, which is why they are often replaced with modern heat pump AC designs. With a heat pump system, your air conditioner will be more efficient. It can also provide your home with heating to reduce winter heating costs.

Upgrading and changing ducts during fall weather—The ducts can also be repaired and updated during the autumn and winter months. Upgrading your ductwork can improve air distribution inside your home, allow for zoned HVAC designs, and improve the efficiency of your AC. If you want to get energy-saving benefits for your winter heating, it is a good idea to update the ductwork during the fall months before you turn the heating on.

Start autumn with a good AC maintenance routine and plans for upgrading your air conditioning over the winter. To get started with autumn AC maintenance, contact air conditioning services for help with the maintenance and upgrades that need to be done.