Four Benefits Of Home Humidifiers During Winter

As summer is ending and moving into the colder winter months, many people will begin to experience a slew of health problems that become more pronounced the colder it gets. One of the best ways to protect your family's health and ensure you have a happy holiday season is by installing the home humidifiers to work in concert with your HVAC system. Below are a few reasons why.

Protect Against Illness

At a time when most of our lives have been turned upside down by the coronavirus, most of us are thinking about ways that we can better protect ourselves against airborne viruses. A recent study has found that one of the best ways to reduce airborne transmission of viruses is by increasing the humidity levels in your home. The reason for this is very simple: the more water that's in the air, the heavier the bacteria molecules get, and the less they actually stay airborne. It seems simple, but having home humidifiers throughout your home may be just what you need to get through the winter with relative ease.

Reduce Allergies

Installing home humidifiers in your home may also help against seasonal allergies, for the exact same reason that it reduces airborne viruses. One of the side benefits to this is that you should also notice a reduction in snoring since the increased humidity coats your sinuses with more moisture and prevents irritation. Alternatively, you may also notice that your eyes and lips feel better as well since it won't be dried out nearly as often.

Protect Your Furniture

If you have wood flooring or a lot of wood furniture inside your house, you should be aware of what the air quality in your home means for your home's longevity. Dry air can because wood to warp prematurely; home humidifiers raise the moisture level in your home that will ensure these beautiful pieces last as long as possible. In addition to this, increased humidity has also been linked to lower static electricity, so if you hate the feeling of getting zapped every time you do the laundry, home humidifiers can help.

Lower Energy Bills

At first glance, it may seem weird that having home humidifiers may actually lower your heating costs, but some people report feeling warmer in their homes with the increased moisture in the air. Some argue that the increased moisture keeps the sweat on their body for longer periods of time, keeping them warmer, while others argue that's because moisture-rich air captures more heat. Either way, whole-home humidifiers can help save you energy by allowing you to keep your thermostat a little colder than normal.

For more information on home humidifiers, reach out to a local HVAC contractor.