Three Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

Though nobody likes to admit it, plumbing emergencies can happen at any time, whether that's in the middle of the night while everyone's asleep, or at Thanksgiving dinner just as you put the turkey on the table. Unfortunately, there can be a lot of confusion as to what actually constitutes a plumbing emergency and what can wait till regular operating hours. Below are three of the most common plumbing emergencies that you may experience; if you see any of them, contact a company that specializes in 24/7 emergency plumbing to get it fixed.

A Leak in the Yard

Though many homeowners would love to have a pool in their yard, nobody wants one to appear spontaneously in their grass. If the ground is suddenly squishy, or you have a pond that develops in your front yard, that usually indicates that your sewer line or your main water line has sprung a leak, or has even snapped completely. These two components run directly underneath your yard from the house to the street and can break because of adjacent tree roots or sediment erosion over time. Regardless, this is a major issue that needs to be fixed by a professional right away.

Water Leaks

A spot that suddenly appears on your wall or on your roof isn't just an annoyance, it can be a sign of something serious taking place. The hardest part about fixing a water leak isn't actually patching the leak, it's trying to identify where it is, and plumbers have advanced technology that allows them to pinpoint the leak with remarkable accuracy. Without it, you'll end up tearing down entire walls worth of sheetrock to find where the leak is since water can travel down a pipe and appear at a location several yards away from where the leak started. The longer this sits, the more that water damage and mold can potentially develop, so contact 24 seven emergency plumbing company to handle it.

No Water at All

If you turn the faucet on your sink and no water comes out, that's a major issue, no matter what the problem is. It could mean that you have a water leak in the water line underneath your yard, or it could be a clog that has developed somehow and has stopped the entire flow. If it's just one fixture, then the problem could be isolated to a smaller pipe, but if there's no water anywhere in the house, then you need to have a professional look at it before the clog destroys your main water line.

To learn more or to get help, reach out to a local emergency plumbing service.