HVAC Services: 4 Critical Signs That Your Furnace’s Useful Life Might Be Over

Winter is here! And this means that you should invest in a fully-functional furnace for your comfort and health. When maintained properly, a furnace can last for about 15 to 20 years. However, the lifespan of your furnace may also depend on how often it is used and its type. 

The unit uses ducts to distribute the heated air throughout the house. Once your furnace starts to malfunction, heated air will not be evenly distributed in your property. As a property owner, you should not wait until the middle of the cold season to begin to furnace replacement or repair. Once you know the right time to repair or replace your furnace, you save yourself a lot of trouble. These are four critical signs that your furnace is failing and you need to hire HVAC services ASAP.

It is Producing Banging, Squealing or Popping Sounds

When your furnace is overworked, it may start producing strange noises. Strange sounds may also be as a result of cracks, leaks in your system, or motor failure. It is imperative to hire an HVAC expert to diagnose your unit and offer the best solutions. If the problem is irreparable, it is advisable to switch off the furnace and look for another heating option until you are able to buy a new one.

It is Producing Air That is Not Fresh

The normal flame color of the furnace should be blue. If you experience a yellow flame, there might be incomplete combustion of the fuel producing carbon monoxide as by-product gas instead of carbon dioxide. 

Another sign is the presence of soot on and around the furnace register or grill. Excess carbon monoxide is not good for your family's health because it can lead to nausea, excessive headaches or flu. Replacing your heating unit might be the best solution to this problem.

It is Heating Your House Unevenly 

When your furnace is heating unevenly, it means that its useful life has come to an end and it needs replacement. Your old furnace might become inefficient at some point and get to a point where it is not able to distribute heated air in your house evenly. If you notice uneven hot or warm spots in your house, it's high time you replace your heating unit.

Its Repair Costs Has Really Gone Up Lately

Before making a decision on whether you will repair or replace your heating system, you should calculate the costs likely to be incurred for repair. If the cost of repair starts going above half the cost of buying a new unit, replacing it is the best option. 

Once your furnace starts malfunctioning and is beyond repair, it is advisable to replace it to avoid increased energy bills and reduced efficiency. The above signs will help you know when it is the right time to replace your furnace.