5 Reasons To Choose A Whole House Air Purification System

Air purifiers can be single-room units, often free-standing, or they can work as a whole house purification system. When choosing between these two options, the whole house system is often the best choice. The following illustrates why you should install a whole house purifier in your home. 

1. Less Cross-Contamination

Unless you invest in a unit for every room in the home, you will constantly be fighting a losing battle against cross-contamination. For example, a single room purifier may temporarily remove pollen and dust from a bedroom, but the dust from the rest of the house will enter the room as soon as you open the bedroom door. A whole house unit controls air contaminants in every room simultaneously so there's no worry about cross-contamination.

2. Cleaner HVAC System

Most whole house systems are installed in line with the home's central HVAC ventilation unit. This means that contaminants, such as dust, mold spores, and pollen, are filtered out of the air before it enters into the furnace and air conditioning unit. This leads to less dirt buildup in the units, which can decrease maintenance needs and extend the service of life of the HVAC system.

3. Optimum Contaminant Removal

The goal of any purification system is to remove as many contaminants as possible. In most homes, contamination comes from dust, pollen, mold, pollution, and pet dander. A room-only system is relatively small, so it may not be sized appropriately to remove all of the contaminants in the air. These freestanding units can also be harder to size appropriately to the room. Larger whole house units are specifically sized to the size of your home, so they are better designed for optimum air purification. 

4. Integrated Maintenance

Free-standing room purifiers aren't typically on the radar of your HVAC technician. This means it falls on you to do all the necessary maintenance, such as cleaning out the unit and replacing filters. Whole house units are part of your central HVAC system. This means they will be inspected, cleaned, and repaired as part of your annual HVAC service visit. 

5. Simple Operation

Another hassle with single-room units is that you must either have multiple units or you must constantly move the purifier from room to room. It's also necessary to remember to turn it on when needed. A whole house system is controlled either via a dedicated panel or as a setting on your home's thermostat. It treats the air in all rooms without any need of assistance, as well. 

Contact a residential air purification service to learn more about the options that are available.