Instances To Seek Emergency Furnace Repair Service

When the cold season sets in, you will need a functional furnace to keep the house warm and comfy. The heating system will likely work throughout the cold months to meet your heating requirements. 

Sometimes your heating system may fail or show signs of a malfunction when you least expect it. You have to spot these signs to call an HVAC contractor for repairs. Here are instances when you should seek furnace repair service.

The Furnace Can't Turn On

Each time you turn off your furnace, you should be able to turn it on when the need arises. Call an HVAC technician if you try to turn the unit on in vain. Maybe you have a power issue or a component has broken down and needs replacement. It's also recommended that you invest in regular furnace maintenance or get a tune-up right before winter starts to avoid such issues.

There Are Weird Noises

It's normal for a furnace to make some sounds once in a while when it's operational. But if the sounds become frequent, too loud, or unusual, you may need to call your technician. A grinding noise could mean the bearings in the motor need lubrication. If this isn't done immediately, the bearings will malfunction, causing damage to the motor.

Thumping noise may indicate a loose blower or motor, an issue that needs repair immediately. A popping sound may occur occasionally, but if you hear it repeatedly, it could signify that the heat exchanger is developing some cracks. This is a risky issue that may lead to carbon monoxide leakage. Don't hesitate to call your technician after hearing any of these sounds.

The Unit Is Giving Out Cold Air

Due to a malfunction, your furnace may start giving out cool air, making your home uncomfortable. Imagine experiencing the outdoor weather indoors. The first thing you should do is determine if the thermostat settings are correct. You may even try to increase the temperature to see if you'll notice a difference. If cold air continues to come out, turn off the unit and call your HVAC technician for emergency repair.

The Heating System Is Overheating

Because your furnace is working too hard to keep your entire residence warm throughout the day and night, it may start overheating. When this happens, the unit should go off if it's overheating via a sensor. But if the sensor is faulty, it will be impossible to turn it off automatically, which is extremely dangerous. Listen keenly to determine if it's cycling, and if it runs without switching off, it's overheating. Make sure you get a technician to fix it right away.

For more information on emergency heating repairs, contact a professional near you.