You Should Call A Plumber About These Problems

It's easy to ignore plumbing problems when they don't cause a huge hassle in your daily life. You might shrug a problem off, acknowledging that it exists, but assuming it is not a huge deal. The thing is that ignoring small plumbing problems often just allows them to get worse. Here are some common, annoying plumbing problems that you really should not ignore.

Dripping Faucets

A dripping faucet doesn't typically bother you when you're not in the room where it's located. And you may assume a few drops of water being wasted is not a big deal. However, dripping faucets waste more water than you might think. If you have one faucet dripping just once a minute, you're wasting many gallons of water per year. You can use this calculator to more accurately estimate how much water your own faucet wastes

Fixing a leaky faucet is rather easy for a plumber, and usually only requires them to replace a simple part or two — like a gasket. This is well worth having done to conserve water.

Smelly Drains

When a drain starts stinking, you might pour some bleach down it and hope that fixes the problem. Sometimes, this works for a day or two, but then the smell comes back. Don't just shrug this off or keep pouring bleach down the drain. The odor may actually be coming from the sewer vents. If there is a blockage in the vent, then the stinky air will come back out of the drain. A plumber can come and clear the blockage in the sewer vent, which will keep the stinky air where it belongs.

Toilets That Keep Running

Does your toilet keep running for a long time after you flush it? Or maybe it kicks on unexpectedly when nobody has used it in a while. This is not just your toilet being "weird." It means there is a leak in your toilet tank and water is entering the bowl. The tank then empties and needs to be refilled — which is what you hear when the toilet is running. This can be a huge waste of water. A plumber can usually fix this problem by replacing a component or two in the back of the toilet. It's rarely necessary to replace the whole toilet. 

Little plumbing problems are not always as little as they seem. If you come across any of the problems above, call a plumber to prevent further issues and hardships down the line. 

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