Residential Heating Maintenance: The Ultimate Checklist For Homeowners

If you don't like the idea of repairing your home's heating system time and time again, then maintenance is something you should focus on. As long as you follow this maintenance checklist, you can make sure this heating system does its job in a safe, efficient manner over the years.

Use Different Filters Until You Reach Peak Efficiency

The purpose of an air filter for your heating system is to maintain efficient performance. It does this by collecting things like dirt and debris. If you want to make sure this component works great consistently, then you should use a couple of different air filters to see which one provides the best efficiency.

You can invest in different filter brands and models, and then continue to track their performance by examining your monthly energy bills. The filter that lowered them the most should be your focal point from here on out when this component needs to be replaced.

Have a Professional Show You How to Perform DIY Maintenance in Person

If you don't know much about heater maintenance, that's okay because there are plenty of HVAC contractors who can help you out. You might just ask one to break down DIY maintenance in person. Then you can go through the key components of your heater with them one by one.

Not only will this help you get more familiar with your heater's layout, but it also helps you learn how to complete specific maintenance tasks. These might include changing out the air filter, cleaning duct vents, and performing basic inspections. Their hands-on instruction will keep confusion at bay.

Continue to Check Your Thermostat

The thermostat is what controls your heating system. If it works great, so will your heater. You just need to keep checking this component throughout the months to make sure your heater responds optimally. You can start by reviewing its temperature settings.

If they are set at the appropriate range, your heater won't work too hard and thus drive up energy bills. Also make sure the thermostat's electrical components are in good condition, especially if you have an older model. You might want to hire an HVAC contractor for this step though to remain safe.

If you care a lot about your home's heater, it will be a lot easier to keep it from breaking down. Just make sure you put together the right maintenance checklist and follow it carefully so that you know the heating system in your home can last a long time. 

Call a heating maintenance technician for more help.