Your Furnace Stopped Working—What Could Have Caused It?

Your furnace might be running throughout the winter. Hence, as it works overtime to keep your home warm, it goes through a lot of wear and tear over the years. Given this, it is not unusual that a time will come when it completely stops working. That said, you should expect years of excellent service from a unit before buying a new one. So, if yours has stopped working before this timeline, you have a problem. Here are some of the possible causes of sudden furnace failure.

Unresolved, Loud System Noises

Everybody has an idea of what their furnace sounds like during operation. In most cases, the typical sound should be a low hum. So, if your unit has started banging, rattling, buzzing, and clicking, something is wrong. In such a case, banging sounds could indicate a gas buildup, which points to a leak. On the other hand, rattling happens when there are loose parts in the system or when the heat exchanger gets cracks. Note that it is not wise to ignore these noises because they could signal a serious issue with the system. Instead, have a heating repair technician inspect them and verify no major damage. Also, they can tighten loose bolts and determine whether the heat exchanger might be too cracked to maintain safe operation.

Unsealed Leaks

Water leaks are a common problem with heating systems and could come from the condensation process, issues with the humidifier, or plumbing leaks. More importantly, act as soon as you notice a water leak affecting your heater because it might interrupt its function. More so, as you wait for the professional to come and fix the problem, shut down the furnace and clean up any visible water to help minimize the damage. Remember that water is dangerous near electrical parts of the system as it can cause electrocution.

The Condensate Pump Is Broken

A broken condensate pump could be another reason your furnace suddenly stops. Note that you should shut down your unit as soon as you notice signs of possible problems with a condensate pump. This is because since the part removes any excess water that gravity cannot drain from the appliance, running it while the pump is broken leads to water retention and damage to the system.

Never ignore a problem that compromises the running of your furnace. Note that calling a furnace repair technician helps you get to the cause of the breakdown before it leads to complete system damage. So, if your furnace has stopped and you cannot troubleshoot the cause, reach out to them for a quick solution.

Contact a furnace repair technician for more information.