Keeping Your Workplace Clean and Safe with an Industrial Dust Collector

Working in an industrial environment poses numerous hazards, including the airborne presence of dust and debris. It is crucial to acknowledge and address this safety concern. While these particles may appear harmless at first glance, prolonged exposure can have profound effects on health, causing respiratory problems and triggering allergies. Furthermore, dust can build up in machinery and other equipment, causing damage and reducing their lifespan. This is where an industrial dust collector comes in. Read More 

How to Choose the Perfect AC System for Your Home

Summertime is here, and with that come the unbearable hot and humid days. One of the most important appliances during this season is undoubtedly your air conditioning (AC) unit. It keeps you cool and comfortable while you're at home. Finding the perfect one for your home doesn't have to be a daunting task! Learn about the different AC systems available for your home, their features, and which might be the best fit for your lifestyle. Read More 

Should You Replace Your Oil Furnace With An Electric One?

If you currently have an oil furnace, you might be looking into alternatives. Heating oil is not very clean-burning, and oil furnaces are not known to be as efficient as those that use other fuels. Chances are, if you still have an oil furnace, your home does not have a natural gas connection. As such, a good alternative to consider is an electric furnace. Here are some important things to consider before making the switch from an oil-burning furnace to an electric one. Read More 

Heating Unit Maintenance — The Best Checklist For Homeowners

A good habit to keep up with around your home is heater maintenance. The better care you provide to your heater, the better it will work long-term. But what does a proper maintenance schedule look like?  Although it can vary from heater to heater and home to home, here are some general guidelines to follow.  Replace Air Filter When Appropriate  Your home's heater relies on an air filter to collect dirt, debris, and other particles. Read More 

How Serious Is That Mold Smell Coming From Your Ducted Air Conditioner?

Mold produces a distinctively unpleasant odor. The specifics of the scent may vary, and it could be stale, earthy, or may even smell like rotting vegetation—none of which are pleasant. When the smell seems to be emanating from a specific vent in your ducted air conditioner, you have a problem. When the smell seems to be coming from all the vents in your ducted air conditioner, you could have a serious problem. Read More