How To Detect Problems Within Your Heating System

For some people, maintaining a fully-functioning heating system is about much more than staying warm. Individuals with a cold intolerance can start to feel physically unwell when subjected to extreme temperatures and others experience numbness in their limbs or joints if the air in their home is too brisk. Your heater is the first line of defense against these kinds of ailments, so it's vital for you to keep a close watch on the condition of your heating system to ensure it's always in pristine shape. Read More 

Do You Know How Your Home’s Thermostat Actually Works?

Thermostats have changed so much over the years that you pretty much have a mini computer doing all the work. This can make you wonder how they actually work, since it may not be as obvious as it once was with old-fashioned thermostats. Here is what you need to know to better understand your HVAC system. The Temperature Sensor The thermostat essentially has the job of turning the HVAC system on and off, and it does this through the temperature sensor. Read More 

Little Parts That Sometimes Fail On New-Ish Furnaces

People often assume that if they get a new furnace, it won't have any problems for years. Often, this is the case. But new furnaces do sometimes break. Sometimes, a part is faulty from the factory and gives out after a few years. Other times, a lack of maintenance may cause a new furnace to break prematurely. The good news is that when a new-ish furnace breaks, the part that breaks is usually a small one – and the repairs are often covered under warranty. Read More 

Want Your Heating System To Serve You Longer? Prioritize These 3 Maintenance Tips

A heating system is one of the most vital appliances you should have because it helps you keep your home warm, especially during the cold season. It usually makes your home more comfortable for your family during winter. So if your current one has malfunctioned or isn't reliable, you should consider installing a new system. However, you must know what to do to ensure the newly installed heating system is functional and reliable for a long time. Read More 

Your Furnace Stopped Working—What Could Have Caused It?

Your furnace might be running throughout the winter. Hence, as it works overtime to keep your home warm, it goes through a lot of wear and tear over the years. Given this, it is not unusual that a time will come when it completely stops working. That said, you should expect years of excellent service from a unit before buying a new one. So, if yours has stopped working before this timeline, you have a problem. Read More