Air Conditioner Frozen? Repair and Prevention Tips

A frozen air conditioner may sound good, but it isn't. You may want to feel freezing cold on those hot summer days but if your air conditioner is freezing, it means that it isn't running properly and could possibly be shutting down altogether. A frozen air conditioner can occur if you have a clogged air filter or from improper air flow to the condensing unit, as well as other issues. Read on for repair and prevention tips for your air conditioning unit. Read More 

Heating Repairs And Maintenance That Should Be Done Before The Next Blast Of Cold Air

When the weather gets cool outside, you begin using your heating, but it is only working half as much as it will be when the weather gets really cold. Therefore, you want to be sure your heating is ready for cold winter weather. Some of the maintenance that should be done includes changing the filters and cleaning the furnace. Here are some of the maintenance and repairs that you want to do to your heating before the next blast of cold air: Read More